M16 16-channel mic pre Late last year I re-visited the design of the M16.... The power supply has always been a problem in manufacture and so I introduced a re-design so that the stabilised power supplies were inside the main unit, just leaving the transformer external. This now works well and a couple of tiny changes in the circuitry mean that the mic amps are even better at rejecting noise.Email me for status on new ones.... there's just a possibility I can find a set of electronics! P38 We have now ceased production of the P38 original dark blue version. P38EX This has been the most successful equipment ever; (more successful even than the old SC2!) it was a 'best kept secret' for a while, but now it really is in demand, and loved by many producers. .... these compressors are being used everywhere! I had batches being made all the time, but they are now on a 5 week delivery backlog. P38V7 A revisiting of the old original SC2.... this compressor uses the same opto elements as the old 1994 original, but with considerably improved ratio circuitry. It's very much like the days when I was trying out the first JoeMeek optical compressors --- and wondering why anyone would ever use anything else. It's true that there are clever engineers who can make digital equipment do exactly what you specify..... but the problem is, no-one knows how to specify 'punchy, warm, deep and full'!! P110 Not available.

This was the shop...

I am still building TFPRO P38EX units to special order and (Sept 2016) have several units in stock. As they say....'when they are gone, they're gone!'

The requirement for super high quality outboard is still there and I'm back designing again and looking to provide the sorts of sounds that just can't be done with plug-ins!

I still repair and service equipment of my design from the days of Alice, JoeMeek and TFPRO.  It's a simple arrangement; you get the equipment to me and I fix it for a nominal fee of UK£50 plus the cost of getting it back to you. Note, this is not really a 'business', it's a service to those nice people who still email me and thank me for their SC2 or VC3 that has been working perfectly for 20 years!