Even better voice sounds

The TDC happened because I wanted to re-visit the thinking behind my original 'Brick' using some new technology......

In the 21st century many functions are best left to the digital work station or the digital mixer, but there are still areas where analogue rules........

This microphone amplifier could be called 'old-fashioned', it's transformer coupled; it's warm and smooth yet precise and supremely accurate. It combines the very best of 'old guard' with original design that uniquely eliminates noise and harmonic distortions; it's using what I call a 'Kirchoff' amplifier, a circuit that uniquely gives extended low frequency response without the usual phase distortions, as well as a clean, transparent 'top-end' that just glitters.

The compressor is my optical design that naturally mimics the dynamics of the human ear so that it sounds 'natural' when applied to both the human voice and classical musical instruments.  Because of the compression shape it retains brightness even under heavy compression.

The harmonic enhancer is there to add (or subtract) harmonic overtones in a sensitive way that cannot be reproduced with digital plug-ins.

Metering is with a modified VU meter with an extended scale.... even in this digital world it's easier and less tiring to read real 'moving needles'!

 Quality does not have to be ruinously expensive! There are many very fine microphones available at amazing prices…. But when used with modern equipment it’s often like looking at a reflection in a dirty mirror.  The TDC gives a voice sound the best possible start.

Listening tests in the studio have been a resounding success in direct comparison with some of the most exotic and expensive mic amps in the world.

So the new 'TDC' (Ted's Definitive Channel) is designed and ready for production….. ready to drive your personal favourite digital converter, and with a second analogue output for direct monitoring.

The new 'TDC' is being hand built in the UK (not more than 70 miles from London!) substantially and beautifully made by enthusiasts who appreciate good workmanship. 

Please email me at ted@tfpro.com for a quotation for for one of these!


   But after all that..... there are still compressors!!

P38EX Stereo Mastering Compressor  is a stereo 'opto' compressor solidly made in the UK. It is still affordable by the smaller studio, but with full mastering performance instantly recognisable as superior to any regular compressors...... and I do have new P38EXs in stock now (Oct).



The forums are full of comments and questions from engineers asking why their recordings don’t sound ‘right’ when they are following the directions and using the right gear. Why does an apple pie from a supermarket not taste anything like as good as one that grandmother made? The answers are remarkably similar! The supermarket pie has ‘uniformity’ processed into it; the ingredients may be pure and wholesome, but they are bland and ‘safe’. There are additives to preserve and packaging to enhance, the final result is pale and uninteresting. Digital equipment is designed by engineers who firmly believe that the ‘quality’ of a sound can be defined and measured, but great engineers know that there is much more to sound than that!

The TFPRO P38 range…., definitive optical compressors; compressors that brings out mood and feeling. The TFPRO P9….. Ted’s definitive equaliser; it brings warmth and life. The TFPRO M16….. Fine mic amps and mixing, a formidable combination; redesigned 16X version  now available.NOTE, this website is now much more a 'resource' than a sales window.  Ted still manufactures the odd compressor for those who insist! The range of TFPRO equipment was the result of a new look at the performance and design requirements of the 21st century record producer; a way of using the great tools and techniques of the past, and maintain the standards that are essential today. The range carries on and now extends with a new generation of Orbitsound labelled professional hardware starting with the microphone channel... the TDC. 

Ted originated the Joemeek® brand in 1993 and sold the trademark to PMI Audio Group in 2001.

There are references to Joemeek® in the website.....Joemeek® is a registered trademark of PMI Audio Group.

Ted is President of Orbitsound Ltd and the inventor of the Orbitsound spatial sound technology.